Saturday, 23 April 2011

An Offer You Can't Refuse...Ok, Maybe You Can...

I'm going to try and bring myself to sell off a few tools I have that are either duplicates, unwanted or unloved. Let me stress, I am not going into the old tool business, but instead, just swapping out some unwanted tools for cash to contribute towards buying some more tools that I do want.

I figured if I was going to do this, I'd give you folks a shot at it first. The following is the listing I came up with to post with the item on eBay. I'll leave it posted here for a few days and if it doesn't sell, I'll move it over to eBay.

This Jointer Fence has been sold.
Thank you for your interest.

I am NOT taking bids on this item.
The first one that emails me saying they want it - get it.

The price listed here is the same as the opening bid if the item is moved over to eBay.

All of the details regarding the item, payment and shipping are listed below.

Once you go through the listing you may have one question, so I'll answer it here before you ask it...

Yes, I have found that eBay descriptions that are long-winded attempts at humour get more hits and higher bids than the short, blunt, in-your-face, take-it-or-leave-it style that is the usual for the "hide-behind-the-monitor" sellers common to eBay these days.


The selling price for this item is $17.50 plus shipping

This auction listing is for a Veritas Jointer Fence and is probably the longest description ever used for a simple piece of aluminum extrusion and a couple of magnets.

Rather than mumbling on about what this amazing little item is all about, I will quote Lee Valley…

Planing a square edge on a board requires a jointer fence, whether you are using an electric jointer or a hand plane.

The Veritas® jointer fence allows you to shoot accurate and consistent square or bevelled edges with most iron or steel bench planes. The integral rare-earth magnets make it quick and easy to attach or remove the 11" long anodized aluminum fence from either side of all sizes of bench planes, from a smooth plane (#4) to a jointer (#8).

As supplied, the 2" tall guiding face can be used to plane edges perfectly square to the face of your workpiece. It can also be used to shoot angles less than 90° when a bevelled wooden guide is attached to the inside face of the fence.

Lee Valley added an exclusion regarding this fence, stating it does not mount to the Veritas bevel-up jointer and smoother planes (see the list of planes I have used it on below).

This particular listed item is used and does have some small nicks and dings, although none major or glaring. Make sure you have a close look at the photos so you know what you are getting. The reason it does have those nicks and dings is because the darned thing actually works. Because of that, it was actually used.

The rare earth magnets still hold with the same strength as the day it was purchased.

I used this fence often, shooting pine, oak and walnut, to name a few. I shot square and beveled with it and found it was excellent at doing what Veritas designed and produced it to do.

I have used this fence attached to a 15” Veritas Low-Angle Jack Plane, a Stanley No.6 and a Stanley No.8. It worked very well on all of them.

My wife bought me a Stanley No.386 as a gift. This Veritas is less hassle than the 386, but if you are married, you will understand why I am selling it.

The listed Canadian price for this fence on the Lee Valley website is $44.50.

I only accept payment through PayPal.

Payment is expected within three days of emailing me to tell me you want it. The dog ate my wallet is no excuse for being tardy.

I ship only by mail and charge only what the Post Office asks for.

I ship worldwide.

All shipments mailed using "Expedited Parcel", a trackable service that includes up to $100 in insurance.

Item weighs 10.5 ounces (plus packaging)

Shipping Time-Frame:
The fence is shipped the following working day after receiving payment.

If the fence I send you is not the fence displayed in the listing’s photographs, I’ll refund your purchase price. Other than that, there isn’t any return on this item.  

If you wish to purchase this fence, please click here and let me know by email.



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