Sunday, 24 June 2018

Ok, Ok, So I'm A Little Behind...Sheesh...

 Contrary to popular opinion, or maybe it's just my wife's opinion, I have been working. Honest.

My new tool cabinet should be assembled within a week or two, although it will take considerably longer to show up here.

My first order of business this spring was to re-flatten my outdoor bench, which I have to admit to giving a bit of a shite-kicking these past couple of years.

I started out with my Stanley No. 5 that is fitted with a
convex ground blade for some serious "hogging". 
With the bench relatively flat, I went at it with my Stanley
No. 6 to flatten out the humps left by the No. 5.
For the most part, I used the corner of the No. 6 to keep a
check on flatness. Once I had planed the entire bench
top, I used a 6' aluminum straight edge to check the
flatness from corner to opposing corner.
With the entire bench top passing the "flatness" test, I
sanded the entire thing with 120 grit on my orbital
sander. I also rebored and re-chamfered the Dog-Holes.
Once I felt it would do the job it was meant for, and do it
well, I gave the entire top, including the front skirt,
about 8 coats of Spar Varathane, at least I
think it was 8. I lost count after 6.
Ain't it purdy?