Sunday 9 March 2014

Vise Head...

It seems like forever, but I am slowly getting this portable vise together. I just finished the head of the vise today...

I made the garter for the 1½" thread from some ⁵⁄₈" walnut and sunk it in the oak ³⁄₈", rounding over the edges of both just to soften up the look of the vise a bit.

Once I had the garter set, I rounded over the holes on the face for the two stabilizers so they matched. The two maple stabilizers had their outward ends rough-rounded and an ¹⁄₈" tapered slot cut into each, 1¹⁄₈" long and going with the grain. I then used a small gouge to cut slots along the grain all around the ends of the dowels so the glue would have something to grip.

After coating each end of the stabilizers with glue, I pushed them into place, leaving them a ¼" proud of the surface of the oak so they would match the protrusion of the garter. I coated the walnut wedge with glue and stuffed more of it down the slot and whacked each home with a mallet.

Once the glue set, I trimmed off the excess wedge and sanded the ends of the stabilizers smooth.

The handle is a hunk of ¾" maple dowel with ends made from black walnut. I drilled out the centres  of the ends with a ¾" forstner bit and cut their outer diameter round using a 1¼" plug cutter. The tops were then sanded so they have a slight crown and all the edges were rounded over. I then installed the dowel and glued the ends in place.

I currently have half the dovetails cut in the frame so, hopefully, within the week I should be showing off the finished vise. At least that is the plan.