Tuesday 29 March 2011

When the Words, "Holy Crap" Don't Cover It...

Every so often you come across somebody's work that just blows your mind. This is one of them; Aaron Radelow's site features his furniture and marquetry skills that are far and above the norm. Simply put, his work is bloody amazing.

Arron's re-creation of the 350 year old table made by Pierre Gole for
King Louis XIV's mistress. The original is currently displayed at
the J. Paul Getty museum in Los Angeles.

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  1. Hello Mitchell,

    I'm happy to see you enjoyed my tables so much, that's partly why I built them. My grandfather, a Concertmaster, said: "Art is for the artists."

    Glad to see you're keeping the past alive, most people out there don't even know about these tools; so thanks for putting that out there.

    All the marquetry for these tables was cut by hand on the Chevalet de marqueterie, a.k.a. marquetry donkey. Another wonder tool that doesn't require electricity to operate. Thanks again for your praise. Aaron