Sunday, 17 March 2019

Some Things Are Just Worth The Wait...

It has taken me a little over two years, but I finally made it...

I still have to install all the supports for the saws and make the little trays that will fit under them to hold hacksaw and coping saw blades. I still have a few more planes to install in the centre section, along with making the four small trays that will fill the slots below them. The trays will hold some odd-ball small stuff and those little bits and bobs that never seem to find a home. The chisel panels have to be replaced on the right panel as I screwed up the dimensions on the two that are temporarily installed. The two panels are hinged on their right side so they open away from the centre section. I want to change them for three hinged panels which will still be wide enough to hold the chisels, but with three panels they will hold a lot more chisels.

I bought the hinges at Princess Auto. They are steel hinges that should be welded to metal cabinets but I drilled them to take screws. I bought them because they are extremely heavy hinges; which I wanted, and they were cheap; which doesn't hurt. I think I paid $8 for each 60" hinge. The hinge on the left is kept in its original state, other than the 27 holes per flap. The one on the right, though, had a section of one flap cut out to accommodate the chisel panels. When the cabinet is closed the barrel of the hinge runs the entire height of the cabinet. It is just when the panels are open that you see the missing metal. I am going to see about having these hinges powder coated flat black, but if it turns out to be too expensive, I'll just spray them. The hinges that support the chisel panels are much lighter continuous hinges that came already painted black.

I'm going to work one section at a time to finish them off and I will post the progress of each as I go along.




  1. Mitchell,

    Nice cabinet. Nice tools, looks as if you have most bases covered.

    I've just one comment, your chisel storage looks a little tight and is a cut hand or fingers waiting to happen. No need to ask why I think that, BTDT. I've learned to put a guard rail to keep hands and fingers away from the cutting edges of the chisels when they are stored in tight vertical racks. I spread a bit of DNA around the shop before learning that lesson.


  2. I second what Ken said, ouch!
    The only other change I would make is to lower the top saw guide bar, it barely engage the top of the back saw. In practice, how does the saws hold when opening closing that panel?


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