Sunday, 31 January 2010

Don't Scoff - It Works...

I ended up with a few scoffs regarding my Stanley Number 3 iPhone Dock. Oh well. It certainly isn't the first time my ideas were scoffed at and I would bet the family jewels it won't be the last.

The thing is, while this started out as a bit of a joke and a reason for working with a hunk of wood for a few hours, the results far exceed the original concept.

Most phone docks are made out of plastic which makes them light, so using the phone while it is recharging is truly a royal pain in the butt. Fixing this little hunk of carved wood to the plane using earth magnets resulted in:
  • a solid base that is not easily knocked over or unwittingly repositioned
  • using the phone while its charging isn't a problem as the fixture stays in place and the phone comes away easily
  • because the cord stays connected, there is no issue using it while it is charging because the charge connection isn't broken
  • removing the phone, charging or not, is done one-handed, something I found impossible with the commercially offered docks
  • it is a damned nice looking thing to have sitting on my desk, far better than a hunk of plastic that would otherwise be there
So yes, it did start out as a joke, but in the end, it turned out to be one of the most serviceable, not to mention attractive things that I have sitting on my desk.




  1. Part of me wants to ask why you have a plane just sitting on your desk - but then I realized I have about three dozen of them in boxes awaiting some TLC rehab...

    In all seriousness - that is a gorgeous accessory