Sunday, 10 January 2010

Shooting Board - Part 1...

Like all the rest of the crazies that get involved with this vintage tool hobby, I have decided to build a plane. Along with this, The Blogbloke has convinced me that a Shooting Board is just the ticket so I decided to combine the two; designing and building a Shooting Board first, then make a dedicated plane for it after. Is there no end to my masochism?

So far, I have come up with some basic dimensions and an idea of how I would like to construct it.

So with this, I have officially started putting together the design for the Shooting Board, but not just any Shooting Board; a Shooting Board to end either all Shooting Boards, or me, whichever comes first.

Here are the “must haves” that need to be included in the final results:
  • Combine esthetics with functionality
  • Adjustable Runway angle (ramp or parallel)
  • A Mitre Fence and a Bird’s House or Donkey’s Ear
  • Functional for end and edge grained stock
  • Heavy construction
Some “I would like” considerations:
  • The esthetics should be “out there” a little bit
  • Ramped Runway should angle down on the stock
  • All attachments should attach quickly but firmly, with no movement
  • Designed and built for the “long-haul”
While I have a few rough drawings of the plane, I do know it will have:
  • 12° blade angle
  • 2 5/8” wide blade
  • Runs in twin slot extrusions that will be let in to the Runway similar to the Stanley No. 51 & 52
As I mentioned earlier, The Blogbloke convinced me that a Shooting Board was the way to go through this article…
Then Derek Cohen over on In The Woodshop added to it with this posting…
Then Stephen, over on the FullChisel blog, threw some more usable information into the mix with…

The irony in building a Shooting Board is having to shoot the stock for it without a Shooting Board.

What Is It?

And while we are on the subject of plans, here is a section of a plan I recently finished for a separate project I am doing. If you click here, the full plan will display. Any idea what this is?