Saturday, 28 November 2009

Hey Slick....

Just a quick tip I discovered by accident the other day.

I don't like mouse pads when I work on the computer as they are just another thing to have to deal with and laser mice do not need them as they will work on anything, including weird surfaces like your leg (don't ask how I figured that one out). The top of my desk is birch ply, stained with multiple coats of varnish. To get the surface as smooth as possible and keep it slippery for the mouse, I am forever rubbing it down with Minwax Paste Finishing Wax, using very fine steel wool to apply it and not being shy about giving it a good go.

The other day, my mind off in never-never land, I picked up the wax can from the storage cabinet, popped the lid, grabbed a new hunk of steel wool and went at it again. It wasn't until I was at the polishing stage that I realized something was different as the shine was higher this time around. It also seemed to feel different to me when I wiped my hand across it, so I grabbed the mouse and gave it a go. The thing worked like it was on ice.

I grabbed the can and as soon as I did, the size of the can immediately clued me in to my mistake. I had, for some unknown reason, grabbed the can of Lee Valley's Waxilit, a sliding agent and glue release, instead of the Minwax.

The difference between the two is unbelievable. I am now on day 4 with this first application, and the mouse is just as slippery over the surface as it was on day one.

I think, for this application anyway, Minwax and I will have to part company.