Sunday, 24 January 2010

So here is my "What is it?"...

So here is my "What is it?", which took about six hours to produce...

I followed the plans up to a point and then I started to wing it. For me, the winging it part makes the exercise much more enjoyable. Using a hunk of applewood I had left over from a saw handle I had made a couple of years ago, I cut it up to match the plans' dimensions, leaving a whole lot more at the top end so I would have a bit to clamp the thing to the bench with. I then got out the chisels and gouges and set off making a pile of chips. Half way through I decided to incorporate the extra wood I had at the top for no other reason that it was there.

Two 1/2" earth magnets were let into the back to hold it in place when it is being used.

When I was done, I smoothed things out with 100 grit, then 150 grit, and then gave it a good rub down with 220 grit. So far it has received two coats of Minwax Finishing Wax applied with #000 steel wool. Over the next week or so I'll apply another seven or eight coats or so, going through the grits of steel wool, applying the final couple of coats with #0000.

I learned two things during this exercise. First, applewood is a female dog to work with as there are so many small knots and grain directions, you can't help but get tear-out no matter what you do. The second thing I learned is that I seriously need some carving lessons. Too bad Kari lives so far away.

So what, exactly, does this thing do? Click on the links below and check it out...