Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Sucking the Joy out of Everything...

I must be getting old and grumpy in my old age, but woodworking and vintage tool sites no longer hold the charm they once did. In fact, I’m getting downright turned off by them.

I have known why I’m not that thrilled with them for quite some time, but I’ve been rather embarrassed to mention it as I’m positive I’m the only one that feels this way. I’m putting it out here now to test the theory.

To those that write woodworking columns…
Guys, I’m in this hobby for the fun of it and your anal retentive attitudes towards it has quickly taken the fun out of it. If I wanted to produce perfect dovetails, or any other joint or cut for that matter, I’d be going to school to learn the craft, rather than looking for down and dirty tips so I can get to the job at hand – which is having fun.

To those that sell vintage woodworking tools…
Guys, I’m in this hobby for the kicks and your take-it-or-leave-it attitudes towards my purchases have caused me to stop buying. I’m not looking for a one-of-a-kind, $5k ultimate brace. I’m looking for usable tools and, as with any purchase of any antique, I’d like a little history about my purchase. I’m not a tool historian and I absolutely have no desire to be one.
I could go on about this, but I'll put it out there to see what you guys think, if anything other than I'm nuts.