Monday, 13 June 2011

Coping Saw Update...

One of my current projects is building a new, custom coping saw for cutting away waste in dovetails. While this project is consistent with all my other working wood projects - slow - it is coming around.

As I do not have a metal lathe, or the facilities to work one if I had one, I had to farm out the job of creating the blade mounts. Last week I received word from the gentleman who is turning them for me that their creation was well underway.

Saturday, I picked up a nice hunk of rosewood from Lee Valley. It is 3-inches by 3-inches by 12-inches, cost me $19.80, has straight grain with no checks, and is coated with wax.

Yesterday, I finished the final design for the frame. It is far from the conventional design for these things, with a tad leaning towards contemporary lines.

I just need to pick up a bandsaw blade for my mini-bandsaw and I'll be off and running with it.