Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Is that a big plane you have there, or are you just glad to see me...

In my never ending quest to spend my son's entire inheritance, one of my latest additions to the collection is a Stanley No.8 Type 8.

It is funny how you learn things in this collecting game.

I got an email from Jim Bode of jimbodetools.com saying;
hey mitchell,
picked up an awesome no.8 type 8. it is near perfect with very light pitting on the right side any a tiny check on the front knob. q logo iron has an inch to the slot. japanning is glossy and 97%. all original parts.

I bought it simply because Jim told me to, (there's trust for you, eh?) but not before replying; "Ok, what the hell is a "q logo iron" and what do you mean, "has an inch to the slot"? The rest I understood.

So Jim patiently replied to my queries and my knowledge of all things Stanley grew a tad more.

A "Q Logo" iron is one stamped with the 1892 patent date. How you get a Q out of 1892 I'll never know.

As it turns out, "An inch to the slot" is a little easier to comprehend. What Jim meant was, the distance between the slot that is cut into the blade so it will travel on the cap iron screw and the working end of the blade is one inch, meaning I can hone away that much material before the blade is garbage. 

Once that was explained, another question popped into my head:

How many times do you have to sharpen a plane blade to wear away 2 1/2" of steel?



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  1. Very nice plane... But I remember my father prefer the wooden plane than this one. I don't maybe it is an old man thing but I guess more on old school (lol). I remember buying him a new hammer but still he stick with the old one.