Saturday, 24 July 2010

Its What Is Not Said That Says It All…

There is one thing you can count on with the experts on the Antique Road Show. If you “messed” with the antique you are showing them, they will be very quick to point that fact out.

The phrase the experts usually use is; “You know the (whatever) is not original?” I am sure those few simple words sound different to the owner of the antique, especially if they are aware that the show has millions of followers whom hang on every word the experts utter. It probably ends up resonating in their ears as, “What the hell did you do to this beautiful antique, you moron?”

I am a huge follower of this show. While I find the British series more entertaining, I find the American version more educational. There is just more variety to American antique furniture, both in materials and techniques. Great stuff, the Antiques Road Show.

This show was mentioned in a recent post on The Full Chisel Blog. It seems that Stephen did some restoration work on a piece native to Salt Lake City that was included in the episode the Antiques Road Show filmed there a few years back. It surprised me even more that Stephen did this restoration work on the piece a full 24 years before I watched that appraisal.

So here’s the point. Stephen did some serious restoration on a piece that was appraised by Leigh Keno on the Antiques Road Show. Leigh is not only one of the more knowledgeable in the show’s bevy of knowledgeable appraisers, but an appraiser who consistently uses the “not original” phrase. The only assumption I can come to for Leigh not mentioning the restoration work is because he didn’t notice it.

In his chosen profession, Leigh Keno is an absolute professional.

As it turns out, so is Stephen Shepherd.

Were there any doubts?



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  1. Agreed. Stephen is surely one of the greatest period hand tool woodworkers ever. I haven't seen him work, but I love his blog.