Sunday, 21 March 2010

Getting the Yucky Stuff Out of the Cracks...

I'm not into gimmicky stuff. I don't sit around watching tv wrapped in an adult sized equivalent of a baby's sleeper, I don't make fancy drinks in a little blender that looks like it came from a sex shop and I don't use a chamois on my car that is purported to be able to absorb half of Lake Erie. Because of my aversion to this kind of junk, I was surprised when I actually made a special trip to-day to pick up some gunk that I have seen advertised on tv lately.

This weekend was spent cleaning the car; claying and waxing the exterior and scrubbing the interior. I really enjoy doing all of this except for one job - getting the crap out of the little joints, cracks and crevices on the dashboard and console. Having had enough of trying to get it out with a rag-wrapped screwdriver, I remembered the ads for this stuff and while I couldn't remember the name of it, I did remember one of the retailers listed in the ad that stocks it. I had my wife run me over to buy some. It took a while to find it as no-one who worked there knew what I was talking about, but we eventually found it.

I didn't even wait to get back home to try it, but instead, while my wife was driving us home, I was stuffing this gunk in every crack and crevice I could reach. The stuff is lime green and looks like that slime stuff the kids went crazy for a few years ago, but it doesn't feel slimy. Actually, to me, it felt like a breast implant, which, if nothing else, proves to you how twisted my mind is. Now whether or not you want to consider its feel as a bonus or not, the main point here is that it actually works.

I forced that stuff into every crack and crevice I could find and watched as it lifted every spec of dust, dirt and dog hair without leaving any residue or stains. It was amazing. So amazing in fact, I brought it in and forced it into the carvings in all our furniture. Same thing; that grey shadow of dust that appears in the nooks and crannies of antique furniture all but disappeared. I got so carried away with this stuff, I even used it on some of my tools to get the elusive sawdust out of some of their corners that I couldn't get out before. Ok, even I will admit that is a bit anal, but like I said, I got carried away.

The stuff is called, "Cyber Clean" and is actually made for cleaning computers and electronics. I used canned air for those, so I doubt if I will ever use it for its intended purpose, but for everything else, it will be the first thing I will reach for. Great stuff.