Friday, 23 October 2009

Norm's Gone?

Ol' Norm is closing up shop and the New Yankee Workshop will be no more. Bummer.

The New Yankee Workshop was, for me, something that I looked forward to on and off over the years, so many years in fact, that I remember when both our beards were grayless. While not a true member of "Normamania", I did appreciate his abilities and enjoyed watching him demonstrate his techniques, many I had never seen before.

Norm and my relationship was not without its "issues", though. I stopped watching him for a few years after he built his bonnet-topped highboy, a beautiful piece I might add. I remember watching in fascination as he hand carved the bonnet's crown moulding. I gave him an old, "adda-boy" when he fitted a little sliding dovetail to one end to attach it to the cabinet. Sadly, I also remember that this was followed by a, "NO! Your not going to do that", when he picked up his damned air nailer again to attach the other. As he shot those nails in that beautifully carved moulding, my thumb hit the remote's Off button and that was the end of Norm and my relationship for a while. I came back to him, though, but things were never the same for us after that highboy show.

I'll miss Norm. I just won't miss his damn air nailer.