Thursday, 17 September 2009

Bloggers should be careful what they type...

Back in April of this year I added a post where I talked about how a beautiful piece of wood could make your woodworking mistakes all but disappear. Since then, I have been getting a comment added to that post every so often from someone in China.

Each post is slightly different than the previous with the one I received today displaying as this...

出張ホスト said...


Now as I don't read Chinese or Mandarin, and as I do not know a soul in any country in the Far East, my curiosity got peeked and I started to wonder what the person had to say. Taking them into the Google Translation pages, I pasted each, set the translator to the few Far Eastern languages that they offer and hit the button. Google came back with a few words here and there in English in each one, but not enough in any of them to figure out what is being said until I put the four together.

Without explaining what are in those comments, I will just state that the title for that post has been changed from "Questionable Skills? - Whack Off a Nice Piece of Walnut" to "Questionable Skills? - Try Using a Nice Piece of Walnut"

Enough Said?

Oh the joys of the internet.