Thursday, 17 September 2009

Bloggers should be careful what they type...

Back in April of this year I added a post where I talked about how a beautiful piece of wood could make your woodworking mistakes all but disappear. Since then, I have been getting a comment added to that post every so often from someone in China.

Each post is slightly different than the previous with the one I received today displaying as this...

出張ホスト said...


Now as I don't read Chinese or Mandarin, and as I do not know a soul in any country in the Far East, my curiosity got peeked and I started to wonder what the person had to say. Taking them into the Google Translation pages, I pasted each, set the translator to the few Far Eastern languages that they offer and hit the button. Google came back with a few words here and there in English in each one, but not enough in any of them to figure out what is being said until I put the four together.

Without explaining what are in those comments, I will just state that the title for that post has been changed from "Questionable Skills? - Whack Off a Nice Piece of Walnut" to "Questionable Skills? - Try Using a Nice Piece of Walnut"

Enough Said?

Oh the joys of the internet.




  1. Heh, heh, heh! Nice one.

    Here's a hint Mitchell. Don't even bother trying to translate the actual comment. Too often, it doesn't mater. I get lots of comments that say something no more useful than "Nice site."

    The real thing to look at is the link that's posted with the comment. What are they trying to get people to visit.

    OK, I'm off to the shop to pump up the paint job on the boat.

  2. I finally had to use the word verification for comments because I was getting links to asian porn sites and other people just trying to sell stuff. Sheesh!